Illustrating an abstract concept

Cern_1314Back for more graphic design using information as a key component?

We here in R&D love to see such enthusiasm. You will move up quickly in the company with this fervor.

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The objective for this lesson is to create a visual representation of something abstract. In other classes, you may be asked to create a poster or visual of something historical or scientific. Wouldn't it be great if you know exactly how to do this with ease?

Think about your job that needs to be tackled in the next several weeks. After this lesson, you may have skill sets that make thinking about how to tackle that specific work a little easier.

Here's the tutorial for this. 
*NOTE: Each step is important and not to be missed. This is a multi-step endeavor with several parts to the whole project.
The Chief will be looking for growth here.

  • Make sure your text is aligned.
  • Making sure you lighting is consistent.
  • Make sure your color choices are cohesive.

And by all means, show the Chief that you have taken some freedom with decision-making on how you put this together. She may point out somethings you could've done better, but isn't that what makes us better?

In the R&D department, we are always finding new ways to look at data, to look at how to visualize the world. Don't settle for just following along. Create a new color scheme. Choose a better font. But follow the design principles.


She loves to be proud of what you are making.

Then claim Mastery and move on. 

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