Flash 101



Hi there, Visitor,

We're embarking on another skill set today. Again, a new beginning. All these beginnings... where are they taking us?

The Chief wants to make sure you are okay with taking risks, trying new things, and developing some basic skills before we move on.

Adobe Flash is one of those programs that if you know it, then you're part of the "club." It is a special app with much potential. You can create games, apps, websites, and animations all from within Flash.

If you're ready, click Accept and let's begin...

This is an introduction level quest.

Your final output will be a bouncing ball. You can make it whatever color you would like.

Let's get to know the Flash interface. Watch this Video.

When you are ready to complete the task at hand, click COMPLETE.

Here is the instructional video to walk you through the process.

I look forward to seeing what you can do with this.

Once you have the .mov video file made, click MASTERY.

Great job! Please go ahead and upload the .mov file to your blog site, and post the movie file into a blog post called "Bouncing Ball Flash Animation."


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