Dreamweaver 101

Incipe_1314Well, hello there, Visitor,

Seems we meet again. Ready to begin another journey?

This time we are to begin a path toward web design and development by using Dreamweaver.

If you're game, click Accept.


There are several parts to this guest.

The first of which is to create local folders in your HOME DRIVE, so you can develop a website on your local computer.

Follow the instructions HERE and then click Complete.

Okay, your folders are set up. Now let's get creating.

If you have completed any of the Codecademy courses, this will help you along this quest path.

CLICK HERE for the next tutorial. This will allow you to create a webpage. BE SURE TO SAVE OFTEN.

Now go ahead and ADD TEXT as shown here.

Change the text using Tag Selectors - WATCH THE TUTORIAL HERE for details. SAVE OFTEN.

Add special characters and SAVE your work.


Okay! You've gotten through a steep learning curve with your first dabble in Dreamweaver. Nice Work!

Before you show the Chief.... Here's your bonus Challenge...

Try to embed an image - using the code view of Dreamweaver, apply your Codecademy skills. Remember Href?

Try to change text color using the visual editing tools that Dreamweaver provides.

Now call the Chief over. She wants to see what you've created. More intense challenges await....

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