Creating an Infographic

Volo_1314At some point in all of our lives we must try something we never thought to approach.

This challenge is to create a full infographic. Though it might not sound too exciting, let me assure you that there is much to be gained from this task.

It is also a Tier 2 quest, which means more loot and Xp along the way! Click Accept. You won't regret it.


Fantastic! Wonderful to have you on board for this adventure.

You will need a file of project assets. CLICK HERE to download them. Once you have them and can locate them on your computer, go ahead and click Complete.

For this quest, you'll be creating the graphic in InDesign. Please go ahead and open Adobe InDesign from your program list.

Then watch the instructions found HERE.

If you have completed this quest, you have tackled a great deal of skill building.

Well done! Please export your graphic as a jpg and post it to your blog.
Be sure to SHOW THE CHIEF your work.

Thanks for accepting a challenge that you might have not normally taken. Bravo!

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