Computer Basics 101


Hello, Visitor,

Dar, here - officially welcoming you to Basics.

Listen, this may not be the most glamorous part of your journey, but some common knowledge and understanding is needed to move on.

(It also makes you highly employable in many fields and professional realms.)

So, without further ado, click accept and let's begin!


Here's the task:

Again, this is not fancy work. It's nuts and bolts, alright. But it does prepare us for the work ahead.

Go to and complete the "Lessons" and "Interactives" for Computer Basics.

Once you are finished with those two segments, click the "COMPLETE" button below.


Great! This is good news!

Go ahead and click on the "Extras" tab on the GFClearnfree website, and when you are ready, "TAKE THE QUIZ."

You will get a score straight away. Take a screenshot of the score and Click "MASTERY" below!


I knew you could do it, Visitor. Well done. Let's move on.

Mac users: Click HERE to begin your next quest.

Programmers: Click HERE to begin your next quest.

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