Making 3D Artwork using Illustrator

Cern_1314Good day to you, Visitor,

It is that time of year when the R&D team is looking to develop candidates for the data mining and visualization jobs. Did you know that data visualization is one of the fastest growing job markets? It seems like everyone wants an infographic these days; however, not all infographics are created equal. This is a starting tutorial to build skills for you to eventually created some fantastic graphics to show data and information.

Today you will be creating a 3D image from a flat graphic.

To accept this challenge, click ACCEPT!



Alright! I like a candidate that is decisive and wants to increase their skill sets.

In order to move forward you will need project assets. Click on THIS LINK to download the project files you will need for this tutorial.

Once you have downloaded the files, and can locate them on your computer, CLICK COMPLETE to move forward tackling this job.

Here's the tutorial for this lesson.

Complete the task  - export it as a jpg and add it to your blog using the title "3D Artwork."

Well done!

Call the Chief over and show off your work! She loves to see awesome graphics and is an infographic junkie. Get her on your good side by making sure she notices your talent.

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