Not the Time or Place to Freak Out


Ahhh! I am not ready! Do I have to go now? It’s really my turn?

Oh, never mind. I’ll do it.

Hey, I’m Vere. So, I worry. A lot. You probably have had my type in one or more of your classes… always concerned about each point or percentage.
Look, here the deal – if we are going to work at d01, then you need to know a few things.

Grades: The Chief hates grades. She wants you to have fun, play by the rules, and earn an A. But she expects results.
The Chief knows that if you just give it your best, the rest will take care of itself.

Weird, I know, but that’s the Chief. This can be very hard to digest – we’ve been trained to want those points!

And to stretch you beyond any of our comfort zones… Here’s her rubric for the job:

A = You gave it your all. You consistently tried to succeed.
B = Great but… You could have tried harder.
C = No second effort. You didn’t try very hard.
D = Are you kidding me? You are wasting your time.
F = Who are you? You stopped coming to class.

I’ll tell you more about grades after you get your d01 ID card. For now, just know that if you want an A, you can earn an A. It’s not about being the best; it’s about trying your best.

So there’s really no reason to freak about grades, unless you plan on wasting time. (That wouldn’t be a very good plan. Remember, the Chief expects you to earn an A. If you don’t, she gets really scary.)

If you need another way to look at effort, try this:

That’s it for now. No worries, right? (I’ll worry enough for the both of us. 🙂 ) Through the looking glass.

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