Logo Design


Why, Hello, Visitor!

I'm soooo excited to see you here! We are going to have some fun while creating a custom logo for your blog!

To get started you need to get acquainted with Adobe Illustrator. If you are ready to begin, go ahead and click Accept.

Great! Let's take a deep dive into what Illustrator can do.
To start Illustrator (on your Mac), please go ahead and click on the Search bar in the top right corner. Type in Illustrator. Open the application.

To start Illustrator (on your PC), go ahead and click on the Start menu, navigate to the Adobe folder. Click on the folder and find Illustrator. Click on Illustrator.

*Note: This is a professional program. If you know how to 2% of the program before the semester ends, you are doing fantastic!

Go ahead and begin to watch the tutorials on Adobe Illustrator HERE. These videos will guide you through different tools and capabilities of Adobe Illustrator. With every tutorial, see if you can mimic and follow what the instructor is doing. You will want to watch the first nine videos.


I love it when employees are enthusiastic about working with Illustrator! Thanks for watching the videos.
Let's see what we can do now with simple text.

Click here to open the instructional video.

Once you think your logo is done, talk to the Chief.

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