Coding 101


Hello there, Visitor!


Welcome to the World of CODING! You are going to love this..

Alright...First thing is first... Go to Codecademy and make an account.

Then, without further ado..  Click ACCEPT!

For this quest, you will need to complete HTML Basics. Then you can hit complete.

Yeah! Nice work.

Go ahead and tackle "Build Your Own Webpage."

The Chief is gonna want to see that you have properly added an image URL, and that your text has been changed and/or altered.

Then see the Chief BEFORE you click Mastery... Do NOT click Mastery before you see the chief.

To move forward you need to create a blog post on your blog called "Building my own Webpage."

In the body of the blog post, you want to click on the top right tab called "text" so you are in the html text editor.

Then go ahead and past in the code from the codecademy webpage. If you click back to the "visual" tab, then you should see your webpage with the correct formatting. If you do not, please ask for help.

Publish the post.

Designers: For your next quest, click here.

Coders: For your next quest, click here.


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